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CNFT vs Ethereum NFTs

Ethereum NFTs require special token standards like ERC-721 and are built using a smart contract. On the other hand, Cardano NFTs are treated like any other token on the blockchain, making it simpler for developers to integrate them into their dApps. 

The biggest difference between the both platforms are the fees. On Ethereum there are fees on every purchase, listing and whenever you sell a NFT. These fees can be as high of a couple hundred dollars. On Cardano the fees are as high as a couple penny’s, much more reliable for the NFT traders who are just starting. 

CNFT Marketplaces


One of the most critical components behind the explosive growth of Ethereum’s NFT ecosystem happens to be the marketplaces Opensea and Rarible. CNFT.io is providing a similar service for ADA NFT traders. CNFT.io started out in July 2021. They are continually adding new NFTs and product features to their amazing platform. Shortly after its launch, CNFT experienced terrific growth and drew several Cardano NFT traders.


The second biggest CNFT calendar is Magiceden.io. The marketplace have a clean interface and is easy to use. The marketplace does have multiple tools like volume and sales analytics. 

CNFT vs ethereum nfts