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June 2022
Jun 23
23 June 2022
The Deadly Sins

The Deadly Sins is an NFT project founded on the Cardano blockchain. There will be 6,666 totally unique Deadly Sins NFTs, made up of 130+ different traits. We want to …

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Jun 24
24 June 2022

OBA CNFT Backed by the JPG store launchpad. “Oba”, a title given to only the greatest of warriors, to become one you must prove yourself to the unforgiving deserts and …

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Jun 24
24 June 2022
Super Fantastic Whales

The year is 2051 and Earth's civilisation has become dependant on the Cardano network, touching every aspect of life. One normal decentralised day an unstoppable asteroid enriched with unknown radiating …

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Jun 27
27 June 2022
The Summoner's Guild: Spellbooks

We are releasing 101 creatures and our goal is to create an augmented reality app similar to Pokemon Go integrated with NFTs. Where you will be able to catch, fight, …

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Jun 28
28 June 2022
Merkaba CNFT S2

We have a collection of uniquely generated Cardano NFT’s in the works, yet until the bulls start running past this bear market, we thought something that can generate everyone a …

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Jun 29
29 June 2022
The Ecstasy Realm

The Ecstasy Realm is a Collection of 3333 High Fashion 3D CNFT avatar with all customized traits which is unique to each other. Master Mind are unique, cool, and fashion-forward. …

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Jun 29
29 June 2022
Obscure Era

200 NFTs representing handmade masterpieces, which will guarantee you WL for our 2nd Collection which will have a supply of 1000+ NFTs  Twitter: https://twitter.com/obscureCNFT Discord: https://discord.gg/obscurera  Website: http://obscureera.com/  Mint: 85 …

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Jun 30
30 June 2022
Dot Dot Creatures

Dot Dot Creatures (DDC) is a collection of 8,888 3D animated VOX NFTs in Cardano Blockchain. By owning a DDC NFT, you will be granted an exclusive membership to Dot …

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Jun 30
30 June 2022
Dreams City

By the community, for the community. A not-pfp collectible of 10000 buildings on the Cardano blockchain, generated with different traits, to build a city gathering the NFT community members around …

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Jun 30
30 June 2022
Jellycubes by the Block Investment Group

1250 translucent jelly creatures are adventuring into the blockchain! Each Jellycube will grant access into the Block Investment Group (An alpha group that will provide its members with the information, …

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Jun 30
30 June 2022
Somatic Mind

When you purchase a Somatic Mind NFT, you own the NFT. Subject to ownership, you are granted a royalty-free license to use, reproduce and display your NFT for both personal …

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July 2022
Jul 02
02 July 2022

1000 unique Cubes will be minted on-Chain in the quest for the Solved Cube which can only be unlocked by the WORTHY PreSale price will be 75% Off, grab yourself …

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Jul 05
05 July 2022
ADA Boats

Step on board and get EARLY acces to every phase of the AdaBoats CNFT project. IT’S THE ULTIMATE WHITE LIST! 1300 Ferry Ticket CNFTs of which 1000 are Economy tickets …

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Jul 06
06 July 2022
AdaLand - Land Sale 2

AdaLand - the most immersive Cardano metaverse project.  Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdaLandCorp Discord: http://Discord.gg/Adaland  Website: https://www.adalandcorp.io/  Mint: 150 ADA Supply: 10.000

Jul 07
07 July 2022
Billy Bob Gang | Pixel Collection

Collection's of uniquely generated Billy NFT's on the Cardano blockchain | Minting 1st Collection Is Running  Twitter: https://twitter.com/billybobgangNFT Discord: https://discord.gg/fNGj8y9e8K  Website: https://billybobgang.com  Mint: 30 ADA Supply: 200

Jul 07
07 July 2022
Cool Cats Society

Welcome to the COOLEST NFT project on Cardano! We are not just an NFT collection, we are a movement!  Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoolCatsSociety Discord: https://discord.gg/Qd57mccyaA  Website: https://coolcatssociety.com/  Mint: 30 ADA Supply: 7000

Jul 10
10 July 2022
Thirsty Dog Crew

Collection of 7777 unique dogs with a chill vibe. Centered around the food, drinks, and the entertainment business, the Thirsty Dog Crew are always searching for a good drink, smooth …

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Jul 18
18 July 2022

Pushing the limits with 2222 unique generative art pieces of experimental abstract NFT art.  Twitter: https://twitter.com/Abstractum_CNFT Discord: https://discord.gg/hgHKjRXKS4  Website: https://abstractum.carrd.co/  Mint: 25 ADA Supply: 2222

Jul 23
23 July 2022
super deformed

Super Deformed is a collection of 4000 non-auto generated NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Each NFT is unique and hand-drawn. Super deformed or SD is a specific style of Japanese …

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Jul 26
26 July 2022
The Doberman Club

The Doberman Club is a very high-value collection of 4444 Dobermans. Our goal is to build a strong community and bring a high quality art collection to the cnft world. …

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August 2022
Aug 02
02 August 2022
Weird Champions

Weird Champions was created by huge fans of the heroic fantasy universe who want to build a community around this world! The first NFT collection we are releasing is called …

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Aug 05
05 August 2022
The Seal Society Merch Drop

The Seal Society Cardano NFT Project brings you! Seal Merch A unique collection of CNFTs that are Redeemable for Merchandise. Featuring items by The Seal Society and our Partners, this …

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Aug 26
26 August 2022
Musashino Art NFT

Musashino Art NFT is a new generation Art Studio which produce Digital Art, NFTs, and various Collectible Art in the Metaverse. We are a group of illustrators and 3D Artist …

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September 2022
Sep 06
06 September 2022

DaStone A PFP collection on Cardano Chain We aim to build the most Solid Cardano Community and Make The Community able to hold and own best Cardano's NFTs like a …

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